Case Studies

Sapayas came to us at Jarvis through a client referral. At our first meeting, they shared their frustrations with the marketing company they’d hired.

They weren’t hitting any of their revenue goals and it certainly wasn’t due to a lack of investment.

In fact, as Co-founder Richard shared, “We were pumping a lot of money into our ad spend, but we were not

hitting any of the numbers we needed to hit.”


EMPATHY ALONE DOESN’T FIX PROBLEMS and neither do those standardized ‘fits-any-size’ marketing plans

The previous agency’s standing:

Sapays Google Campaign


And  the revenue they generated:

Sapayas was in the lucrative, but oversaturated clothing industry with a product line that catered to a religious demographic.

That presented some challenges, as the Fashion market can become easily desensitized to advertising.

We knew that in order to make Sapayas’s revenue goals and create a steady stream of repeat customers, we would need to do a deep-dive into their demographic and create a highly customized, tested, and flexible marketing strategy.



The Sapayas case was led by Zakrya. First, Zak conducted an in-depth analysis to learn more about who Sapayas’s customer was, what kind of product they were in, and how Sapayas solved their problem.

We also learned more about their main competitors, what kind of products they are looking for, how we can improve their shopping experience.



“What’s so different about your product?”

We had to know – what was their ‘secret sauce?’

Sapayas secret sauce was its under 4 days delivery even though it is a dropshipping store along with competitive prices. We made it our selling point.

Sounds like an easy sell, right?


Because inherently, it was a very saturated market to dive into. At that time:

The data-dive and experience that solved the case…

Zakrya and his team went to work on a deep data-dive, ultimately bypassing the desensitized demographic and mining for the true and ideal customer that would be most likely to succeed on becoming loyal to Sapayas.

Through intricate FB data searches and tests, Zak and his team found Sapayas’s ideal customers. They knew their customer’s pain points, they were inside their thought process, and they knew how they typically made buying decisions.

We put more effort in engaging with the interested customers through videos, live sessions, giveaways and retweet discounts.

We were ASTOUNDED at what happened in just 4 WEEKS!

We’d like to say, with our detective hats cocked just a bit to the side, that we were not surprised at all with what happened next, but that wouldn’t be the truth. We were astounded at what happened in just four weeks! We’ll let co-founder, Richard tell this part of the story in his own words:

“The returns we got were over 200% of a return on our ad spend, and that was within 6 weeks of working with them, a welcome change after our experience with our previous media buying


  And then our optimization starts,



A 400% Return with a GROWTH of 20% per MONTH

But how did we do it?

Well, without giving it all away in one swoop, it went something like this:

We listened.

We learned.

We strategized and Re-Strategized

Tested and Re-tested.

We customized. We adjusted. Most importantly, we never forgot their customer’s main reason for buying: a renewed clothing style.


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